ICOM G2 Gateway user registration notification via Pushover or email


D-STAR users are often frustrated when they submit registration requests and admins don't get back to them quickly. This script will enable you to receive direct pushover notifications to your smart phone, as well as email notifications to your mailbox, when a new user registers on your system. In order to use Pushover notifications, you must first sign up for them here: Pushover

You will need to establish your own personal User key/token. You may optionally create your own Pushover Service token, or use the one that I have already defined (aiHaw7A5J8aqcZjDhoH7M8JYu8ghN9). Pushover notifications are limited to 7500 notifications per month.


Installation instructions

cd /tmp
wget -Nq dstar.info/dist/reg_notify
chmod 755 reg_notify
Example Installation:
[root@k6vo tmp]# wget -Nq dstar.info/dist/reg_notify
[root@k6vo tmp]# chmod 755 reg_notify
[root@k6vo tmp]# ./reg_notify 
No configuration file found!
Please enter your Pushover Notification token and user below

Enter token: aiHaw7A5J8aqcZjDhoH7M8JYu8ghN9
Enter User Key: enteryourpersonalusertokenhere
Enter Email: me@you.com
./reg_notify installed into /dstar/tools/.
Crontab entry installed, script will run every 15 minutes to check for new registrations
Brian Roode, NJ6N